Who we are

We are a team of young professionals, passionate and specialized in Public and Media Relations in the widest and most unconventional sense. That’s because we also engage in Digital PR, Social Media Management, Web and Graphic Design, Event Promotion and Production, Partnerships, Special Projects and Photo/Video Productions. Fast, dynamic, and problem solvers. Enthusiast, flexible and creative. We always find the best solution, going with determination for the goals we set with our clients. And we always reach them!


How we work

We take care of every aspect of Corporate Communication with great precision, selecting the best moments and targets to get the widest possible visibility on every media: from magazines to newspapers, from radio to TV, to web and social networks. We rely on a European network of partner agencies, ready to support us at best in every aspect, including logistics and production.


What We Do

Although we love and live of words and ideas and like to play with them, we prefer to let the facts speak for themselves. Here’s a brief overview of our most recent and important works.


Where we are

We are always online on Skype, Messenger or WhatsApp and we have both a Facebook and an Instagram page. Our headquarters are located in Milan and, through our network, we are also present all around Italy and throughout Europe.

Sede operativa: Via G. Fara, 25
20124 – Milano

Sede legale: Via Marco Aurelio, 47
20127 – Milano

Tel: +39 02 46516278

E-mail: info@gdgpr.it

Skype: giovanni.digiovanna